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Rock Concerts and Hearing Loss

by Kristen Davis on November 27, 2012

A small study by the House Research Institute revealed that 72% of teens reported reduced hearing after attending a three-hour show. This type of hearing loss typically disappears within 48 hours, but if it occurs repeatedly, permanent hearing loss can develop, the study authors noted. Read the Full Story Here  

Audiology Credentials…what do all those letters mean?!

by Dr. William Eblin on August 27, 2012

Patients are often confused by the series of acronyms and abbreviations listed after their audiologist’s name. Listed below are common abbreviations used and a description of what they mean. Au.D.: Au.D. is the abbreviation for Doctor of Audiology. Beginning in 2007, many states adopted the Au.D. as the entry level degree required to practice Audiology. Prior […]

Ringing in the Ears

by Admin on April 26, 2012

We’ve all had it at one time or another–that sound of ringing in your ears—that can range from subtle to shattering.  Tinnitus (TIN-ih-tuss) is the medical term for the perception of sound in one or both ears when there is actually no external sound present.  It can come and go or be constant, and causes […]

Get Started With Hearing Aids

by Admin on April 24, 2012

It’s so gradual that you may not even realize you have .  You begin to strain to hear loved ones and avoid noisy restaurants.  Not only does your hearing deteriorate, but also your lifestyle, relationships, and general psychological well-being. The sooner you begin treatment for hearing loss, the easier it will be to adjust to hearing […]

Hearing Loop Makes Headlines

by Admin on April 12, 2012

In a world filled with new technology, hearing loops bring old technology back to life. The Washington Post reported that this “old technology could have the most profound impact in the decade to come on millions of people with hearing loss.” (The Washington Post) Telecoils were first put in hearing aids in the 1940s, and hearing […]

Getting “In the Loop”

by Admin on April 3, 2012

Many patients have been pleased to learn about the addition of a hearing loop to our waiting rooms. We have received positive feedback from patients who are delighted to find that they can take advantage of this technology. Hearing loops are devices that transmit sound from microphones, loudspeakers or even TVs directly to portable receivers […]

Recent Hearing Loss Statistics

by Admin on March 29, 2012

Research on hearing loss indicates: 10% of all Americans have some hearing loss 14% of American adults have “a little trouble hearing” 3.4% of American adults have “a lot of trouble hearing” or are deaf 30% of all people over the age of 65 have hearing loss 65% of all people over the age of […]

The best way to achieve maximum benefit with hearing aids is to wear them whenever you’re awake, not just when you think you ‘need to hear’.  Those who wear them inconsistently don’t hear as well in different listening situations as those who wear them all the time. Using your hearing aid only occasionally just sets […]

Got vertigo?  Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (or BPPV) is one of the most common causes of the disorienting sensation of spinning or whirling.   It is caused by a disorder of the balance center of the inner ear; specifically the displacement of the calcium carbonate crystals that are normally found there.  These crystals play an important […]

What is Neurotology?

by Admin on February 21, 2012

Neurotology is the study and practice of medical and surgical disorders that involve the ear, adjacent brain, and the nerve connections within this region (known as the lateral skull base). In addition to all disorders of hearing and balance, Neurotologists also treat disorders of the facial nerve, tumors of the inner ear and skull base, […]