Want The Best, Affordable Hearing Aids in Jacksonville, FL?

Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute offers expert care from compassionate professionals. Hear what one of our patients has to say about her experience at the Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute!

I tried one of those other hearing aid places thinking they’d be cheaper, but they weren’t. I came back to Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute because I had so much more confidence in their advice. I think people are hesitant to get their hearing tested because they think hearing aids are for seniors. I think hearing aids are for smart people.

If you agree with any of the following statements, you are likely experiencing hearing loss.

  • I have a problem hearing over the telephone.
  • I have trouble hearing in noisy environments.
  • I feel that everyone is mumbling.
  • I can hear, but I can’t understand.
  • Females’ and children’s voices are difficult for me to hear.

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