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Happy Holidays from JHBI!

Everyone at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute would like to wish you a happy holidays!

See below for a message from Dr. Green!

Balance Awareness Week

Here at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance, we focus on all aspects of the ears and their functions, everything from ear wax removal to complex balance disorders. Your ears not only control your ability to hear, but also play an integral role in your balance. This system is called your vestibular system.

Balance awareness week, September 13 – 19, was established by the Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) in an effort to raise awareness of these types of disorders. There is a broad spectrum of vestibular disorders that can are short in duration but some that can also affect patients throughout their life.  Our goal is to help diagnose and lead you to the correct path of treatment.

According to VeDA, there are more than 69 million Americans who are affected by balance disorders. Patients typically describe themselves as “dizzy” or “off balance”. For some patients, they report difficulty while in the dark.  Although these disorders can present in different ways, all can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. 

Here are a few links talking about Balance Awareness Week and Vestibular Disorders:

If you do have difficulty with balance, here are some tips to help in your daily life:

  1. Speak with your doctor about your symptoms
    • Your primary care doctor can help point you in the right direction
  2. Try to keep track of your symptoms. 
    • What causes it?  What makes it worse? Better?
  3. Remove trip hazards from your home
    • Clear main pathways in your home, i.e. from bed to bathroom,
    • Remove or tape down any area rugs that could have the corners pull up
  4. Make sure there is adequate lighting
    • Use of nightlight in the home in high traffic areas
    • Use of outside lights around steps or uneven surfaces
  5. Footwear
    • Footwear should be of adequate fit, not slide off when walking, and be comfortable

Free seminar on vertigo, dizziness and spinning includes lunch is hosted by JHBI and WJCT on June 19, at WJCT Studios in Jacksonville, FL

You’re invited to a FREE Seminar on VERTIGO and luncheon hosted by Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute (JHBI) and WJCT on Wednesday, June 19 from 11:30 am – 1 pm. We’ll discuss diagnostic evaluations and treatment for vertigo/dizziness and surgical/non-surgical treatment options. Presenters include J. Douglas Green, MD, FACS (Otology, Neurology, Audiology), founder of JHBI, along with JHBI team members Donna Smith, MPAS, PA-C, and Janelle Kelley, AuD, CCC-A. A Q&A will follow – so bring your questions! Please share this information if you have a friend or relative who may benefit from this event. It will be held at the WJCT Studios at 100 Festival Park Avenue (across from TIAA Stadium).

Reservations are limited, so call 904-358-6322 or go to

Tinnitus Management Strategies – WJCT Speaker Series

Tinnitus Management Strategies at WJCT Speaker Series presented by J. Douglas Green, Jr., M.D. & Janelle Kelley, Au.D., CCC-A on March 23, 2018

JHBI Employees Staff Walk4Hearing

The Hearing Center in the community supporting the 2016 Walk4Hearing event.

The Hearing Center in the community supporting the 2016 Walk4Hearing event.

The Hearing Center at JHBI was pleased to be a sponsor the 2016 Jacksonville Walk4Hearing event for the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) at Metropolitan Park on November 12. Audiologists staffed the expo booth to help increase public awareness about hearing loss, help eradicate the stigma associated with it and raise funds for the HLAA’s programs and services.

As the largest walk of its kind in America, children, families and friends came out to walk on a beautiful Saturday morning and raise needed funds for HLAA. The Hearing Center staff knows how important it is to support this community event because hearing loss is a pubic health issue of which affects children and adults and is directly related to quality of life.

It’s a fact that 20% of Americans have some form of hearing loss; 60% of the people with hearing loss are either in the work force or in educational settings. Did you know that 80% of people with hearing loss who could benefit from a hearing aid do not wear one?

You can find relevant information on this website. Feel free to learn more on or


You are invited to a FREE Hearing Health Seminar presented by J. Douglas Green Jr., MD, on WED., NOV. 2, 2016 at Maggiano’s Little Italy St. Johns Town Center (10367 Mid Town Pkwy., J, 32246). You will learn how you can reconnect to the life you love with a CochlearTM hearing implant. Unlike hearing aids, hearing implants may be covered by your insurance plan, including Medicare and Medicaid. These implantable solutions are easy to use and designed to help you hear better in all settings – from quiet conversations to noisy situations like restaurants and even on the telephone. Rediscover the sounds, the people and the life you love! SESSION #1: 11 am – 1 pm (Brunch provided) OR SESSION #2: 6 pm to 8 pm (Dinner provided). Reservations required, seating limited – 877.482.7344.

To make a reservation go to

I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream in Support of Clarke Schools

On Saturday, March 6, the fourth annual Kilwin’s Ice Cream Run took place at St. Johns Town Center to benefit Clarke Schools-Jacksonville. The event was a sweet success! More than 500 friends, current families, staff and alumni of The Clarke Schools-Jacksonville participated and helped to raise more than $14,000 in funds to support their mission to provide for the greatest needs in teaching deaf and hard-of-hearing children how to listen and talk.

The Hearing Center at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute (JHBI) was proud to have been a Silver Sponsor this year in support of the good work performed by the professionals at Clarke Schools. Dozens of children participated in the annual event. The Hearing Center and JHBI staff who attended included Lindsey, Ashley, Amanda, Megan, Shelly, Katie, Donna, Paul, and Dr. and Mrs. Green.

The kids who participated had a great time, especially in the fun and really cool Kiddie Dash. The beauty of the run/walk is that at the finish line, all participants received sweet and delicious ice cream by Kilwin’s.

This year, more than 500 walkers and runners came out in support of a great cause on an early Saturday morning. The Hearing Center was pleased to be part of this important community effort to bring about awareness of the Clarke Schools in this region.

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech are located in Jacksonville, Boston, New York City, Northampton and Philadelphia. They impact the lives of children and adults through educational and early childhood programs, hearing services, mainstream services, research, curriculum development, and the. The teachers and professionals trained by Clarke take their special skills to all parts of the world. Providing children with the listening, learning and spoken language skills they need to success, deaf and hard-of-hearing children have needs of which are greater than ever before. The focus of the school is to ensure that each and every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. For information on the 2017 run/walk, please contact Clarke School’s Development Office at 904.880.0028 or go to

The Hearing Center at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance join Kilwins Ice Cream Run (5K and One Mile)

The Hearing Center at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute is proud to join Kilwins, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Cailin Photography, Advanced Furniture Solutions, TD Bank, and Team Zoe to be a sponsor of this year’s “Kilwins Ice Cream Run (5K and One Mile) of which is to benefit Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech in Jacksonville. The Clark mission is to provide children who are deaf or hard of hearing with the listening, learning and spoken language skills they need to succeed. Clarke impacts the lives of children and adults through education and early childhood programs, hearing services, mainstream services, research, curriculum development, and the teachers and professionals trained by Clarke who take their special skills to all parts of the world. They teach children who are deaf and hard of hearing how to listen and talk using the latest technology – all so each person who receives the caring and compassionate services delivered by Clarke is able to reach his or her full potential. The Hearing Center’s Audiologists along with Douglas A. Green Jr., MD, along with their professional staff at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute know Clark is more than a school, it is a place that allows new horizons for those they serve. Register now and come along with us – run and walk to help this extraordinary organization! Sign up today – and bring your friends:


Vertigo Can Happen To Anyone – Even Golf Stars!

Jason Day was in the news during the U.S. Open Golf Tournament because he had symptoms of vertigo. According to news reports, he was diagnosed with Benign Positional Vertigo. What does this mean to you? Find out more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of vertigo from your local expert, Dr. Doug Green Jr. from the Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute, which includes The Hearing Center.

Dr. Green will appear on WJXT-TV4 on Tuesday, June 22 during “The Morning Show” to speak about vertigo and share what you need to know. Tune-in at 8:12 am to hear Dr. Green discuss the signs of vertigo so you can learn what it’s all about. If you or someone you love may have vertigo, make sure you call for an appointment for a proper medical diagnosis.

If you have any questions, at all, call the professionals, including JHBI board-certified Audiologists, at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute today! Call 399.0350 to learn more.

JHBI Deaf/Blind Teenager’s Co-Pilot Experience

“Only the Sky’s the Limit”

Katie Inman, a 15 year old student at Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and patient at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute (JHBI), recently experienced the ride of a lifetime when she was able to assist with flying a Piper PA-28 plane. This opportunity was  arranged by the non-profit group Operation PROP (People Reaching Outrageous Potential). Since then, Katie has not stopped talking about her adventure.  What makes this so special is that Katie has been legally blind since birth, and lost her hearing seven years ago.  Her speech became unintelligible and she struggled to communicate.  She needed to rely on sign language that she “read” by feeling the finger movements within the palm of her hand.  She desired to hear again and wanted a cochlear implant.

Her role model has been her mother, Tracie Inman, who is also blind and who received bilateral cochlear implants at JHBI.  Tracie wanted  her daughter to have this advanced technology to give her back the gift of sound.  Dr. Green successfully implanted her left ear in February of this year and she rapidly adapted to hearing again. She is now enjoying sound and is able to talk on the phone to her friends and family.  Katie immediately requested a second cochlear implant and was implanted in June , two days after her flight in the clouds.  As with her first implant, Katie has excelled and is now using her hearing skills to navigate, reducing her dependence  on her walking cane.  Katie reports that she “loves to hear” and has become a “chatterbox”.  Her father summed up Katie’s future with the family motto, “Only the sky’s the limit”.

Read more about Katie’s flying adventure »