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Maximizing Hearing Aid Benefits – Video Testimonial

Do you watch television with the volume louder than you used to? Do you have trouble understanding conversation when in a restaurant? Do you complain that people are always mumbling? These are common signs that indicate you may have a hearing loss. 

The first step is to undergo a hearing evaluation by an audiologist. If the test shows that you have a hearing loss,  a hearing aid is often recommended to help make communication easier and enjoyable again.

A quick search on the internet can lead to many results regarding which hearing aid is the best. It is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by all the marketing, sales and misinformation regarding hearing aids. 

Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute helps guide you through the hearing aid selection process and to provide you with the tools you need to succeed with hearing aids. 

Cochlear implant for Single-sided Deafness (SSD) patient let’s him hear again

Austin leads a busy life. A professional travel agent by day and a well-respected server at one of Jacksonville’s most distinguished restaurants by night, he came down with the flu. A few days later he woke up and realized he couldn’t hear in his left ear – imagine if that happened to you. He was referred to Dr. Green to see if the hearing could be saved. As a result of diagnostic hearing, it was determined it could not. Since he was in his mid-twenties, Austin wanted to find out if there was a treatment to restore as much hearing as possible to enhance what he hopes will be a long life. There was – it was a cochlear implant.

Dr. Green answers common questions about cochlear implants:

1. What is Single-sided Deafness (SSD)

Complete hearing loss in one ear with normal hearing in the opposite ear in most patients

2. Why/how did a bout with the flu take his hearing?  

Austin had what’s called a Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss.  It will frequently occur after the flu or an upper respiratory infection, but the cause is unknown.

3. Why just one side?  

Since the cause is unknown, we don’t understand why only one ear is affected.

4. How many young or old people loose hearing annually in the U.S. due to the flu? Young or old, does it matter?  

The incidence of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss is between 2 and 20 cases per 100,000 people per year.  There is an increasing incidence with increasing age.

5. How does his cochlear implant work?  

A cochlear implant works by taking sound and converting that sound to electrical energy. The electrical stimulation is then delivered to a discreet point within the cochlea to allow hearing.

6. Is it waterproof?  

A waterproof cover can be placed on the processor if the patient so desires.

7. Will he have to have his implant replaced?  

The internal portion of the cochlear implant is designed to last for his lifetime.  The external portion, called the processor, is usually replaced every five years. 

Orange Park, FL’s vertigo patient Kim Aures shares her story of living with BPPV to help others in Jacksonville, FL

By Kim Aures, Vertigo Patient at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute

Kim Aures gives her thoughts about having and living with vertigo. The professionals at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute hope you will share this if you or someone you love experiences the signs and symptoms of vertigo. As part of their community education programming, JHBI is presenting a FREE community medical seminar on Wed., June 19 at 11:30 am – 1 pm/including a complimentary lunch. Speakers include J. Douglas Green, MD, FACS, founder of JHBI, and staff Donna Smith, MPAS, PA-C, and Janelle Kelley, AuD, CCC-A. For more information on what you or someone you know who is experiencing vertigo should do, please go to or and make a reservation now.

You are invited to attend a FREE community medical seminar on VERTIGO and luncheon on Wednesday, June 16th from 11:30am to 1pm presented by J. Douglas Green, MD, FACS, founder of Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute at WJCT. Register Now »

Kim Aures of Orange Park shares her story of living with BPPV to help others in Jacksonville, FL

You are invited to attend a FREE community medical seminar on VERTIGO and luncheon on Wednesday, June 16th from 11:30am to 1pm presented by J. Douglas Green, MD, FACS, founder of Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute at WJCT. Register Now »

Vertigo patient Kim Aures shares her personal story and challenges on dealing with vertigo and BPPV to help others in Jacksonville, FL

Kim Aures

Patient Testimonial of Kim Aures

Kim Aures said it best when she described her vertigo experience as being in the “eye of the tornado”. She says it’s like standing perfectly still and everything around you is spinning out of control. This is the feeling of vertigo.

She never knows when it will start. It doesn’t occur every day, but when it does, she can sense it coming. The journey may begin in the morning when she starts to sit up and get out of bed. Her world spins round and round as if it’s never going to stop. A member of her family takes her to the closest ER and a barrage of tests begins. After the tests, she gets a shot for motion sickness, which stops nausea, and vertigo begins to subside. She then calls Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute (JHBI) and makes an appointment for treatment. JHBI is always there to help. 

Sometimes the dizziness comes from the right ear, sometimes both ears, sometimes the left ear. Donna Smith, PA at JHBI, has explained to her how the “crystals” in her ear(s) come “unglued” deep in inner ear, then travel down the semicircular canal causing dizziness. 

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“My audiologist…made me confident that I was in good hands.”

“Being hearing impaired is really frustrating, and before I got my hearing aids, that aggravation affected my business dealings and my family life. I would dread phone conversations because I couldn’t understand what was going on, and my family relationships were suffering. I don’t know how I was able to function.

The first time I came to the Hearing Center I was apprehensive, thinking ‘you just want to sell me something’. But right away my audiologist erased that feeling, and made me confident that I was in good hands.

What a difference! My business and my family life have improved tremendously.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“They take their time and work with you.”

“I have severe hearing loss in both ears and have had several surgeries trying to restore my hearing. Nothing worked until I came to Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute.

Dr. Green is so kind and easygoing and he explained everything step-by-step. He recommended BAHAs (Bone Anchored Hearing Aids) and now I can finally hear again. If I take these out, I could sit under a jet engine and wouldn’t hear a thing.

JHBI is not like those other hearing aid places where they move you in and move you out.They take their time and work with you.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“I think hearing aids are for smart people.”

“When I started to lose my hearing I came to see Dr. Green. He had me tested but didn’t pressure me at all about getting hearing aids; he just said ‘you’ll know when it’s time’. I appreciated that and he was right.
I tried one of those other hearing aid places thinking they’d be cheaper, but they weren’t. I came back to Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute because I had so much more confidence in their advice. I think people are hesitant to get their hearing tested because they think hearing aids are for seniors. I think hearing aids are for smart people.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“I got my hearing back immediately.”

“I’m a retired Navy and airline pilot, and I’d been losing my hearing for years. I was wearing a hearing aid and boom, one night my ear just quit. It was like being struck by lightning. The folks at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance recommended a cochlear implant and it changed my life. I got my hearing back immediately. I tell everybody to go see Dr. Green—he’s the best. Ears are all he does.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“Two major surgeries…helped me bring some hearing back.”

“In 2004 I had a serious motorcycle accident, and even though I was wearing a helmet I had severe head trauma and barely survived. Among the injuries was a complete loss of hearing. I did some research and found that Dr. Green was the absolute best in his field. Two major surgeries later he helped me bring some hearing back to both of my ears.
Although I still wear a hearing aid, having the gift of being able to communicate with other people again is fantastic.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient