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“My audiologist…made me confident that I was in good hands.”

“Being hearing impaired is really frustrating, and before I got my hearing aids, that aggravation affected my business dealings and my family life. I would dread phone conversations because I couldn’t understand what was going on, and my family relationships were suffering. I don’t know how I was able to function.

The first time I came to the Hearing Center I was apprehensive, thinking ‘you just want to sell me something’. But right away my audiologist erased that feeling, and made me confident that I was in good hands.

What a difference! My business and my family life have improved tremendously.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“They take their time and work with you.”

“I have severe hearing loss in both ears and have had several surgeries trying to restore my hearing. Nothing worked until I came to Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute.

Dr. Green is so kind and easygoing and he explained everything step-by-step. He recommended BAHAs (Bone Anchored Hearing Aids) and now I can finally hear again. If I take these out, I could sit under a jet engine and wouldn’t hear a thing.

JHBI is not like those other hearing aid places where they move you in and move you out.They take their time and work with you.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“I think hearing aids are for smart people.”

“When I started to lose my hearing I came to see Dr. Green. He had me tested but didn’t pressure me at all about getting hearing aids; he just said ‘you’ll know when it’s time’. I appreciated that and he was right.
I tried one of those other hearing aid places thinking they’d be cheaper, but they weren’t. I came back to Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute because I had so much more confidence in their advice. I think people are hesitant to get their hearing tested because they think hearing aids are for seniors. I think hearing aids are for smart people.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“I got my hearing back immediately.”

“I’m a retired Navy and airline pilot, and I’d been losing my hearing for years. I was wearing a hearing aid and boom, one night my ear just quit. It was like being struck by lightning. The folks at Jacksonville Hearing and Balance recommended a cochlear implant and it changed my life. I got my hearing back immediately. I tell everybody to go see Dr. Green—he’s the best. Ears are all he does.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“Two major surgeries…helped me bring some hearing back.”

“In 2004 I had a serious motorcycle accident, and even though I was wearing a helmet I had severe head trauma and barely survived. Among the injuries was a complete loss of hearing. I did some research and found that Dr. Green was the absolute best in his field. Two major surgeries later he helped me bring some hearing back to both of my ears.
Although I still wear a hearing aid, having the gift of being able to communicate with other people again is fantastic.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“Dad hadn’t known what he was missing.”

“Because of our dad’s hearing loss, he was becoming more and more of a recluse. We were all frustrated and exhausted from years of trying to communicate with him. Only by double-teaming with my sister were we able to get him to see an audiologist. You can’t imagine the look on his face the moment his hearing were aids programmed. He hadn’t known what he was missing. I think he’s very pleased and grateful; I know I am.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient family member

“Having an audiologist…gives me confidence.”

“I know a thing or two about hearing aids since I’ve worn them for 15 years. Fortunately, they’ve gotten smaller and better over time as my hearing has gotten worse. But there are so many choices now that it’s easy to get confused about what will work best for my particular hearing loss. Having an audiologist with education and experience gives me confidence in her judgment. I know that she’ll make an unbiased selection because she has no financial stake in the decision. It’s the trust factor that is so valuable.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

“I can’t believe people…do without hearing aids.”

“Hearing loss runs in my family, so I knew when I was pretty young that I would probably need hearing aids. I also knew I wanted to go to a doctor’s office to get them fitted, not just some place at the mall. I’m actually on my third set, and each pair has gotten better. The ones I have now are awesome; I can’t live without them. In fact, I can’t believe people are willing to miss out on what they do without hearing aids.”
—Jacksonville Hearing & Balance patient

I would highly recommend JHBI to anyone who is having a chronic balance or vertigo problem

Beth Kinney, 64, of Cocoa, Fla., woke up one morning in October 2003 to a spinning room. She had experienced slight vertigo before when she was younger, but never anything this bad. Each doctor she visited said he couldn’t help her.

Kinney was finally referred to Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute. It took almost three months of treatment, but she was eventually able to go back to work full time and regain most of her hearing.

“The P.A., Judy Nelson, was very comforting and gave me assurance,” Kinney said. “She worked with me for months to get me to be able to function normally.”

Kinney still experiences slight dizziness when she is stressed or lacking sleep, but nothing like before.

“I would highly recommend Jacksonville Hearing and Balance Institute to anyone who is having a chronic balance or vertigo problem” Kinney said. “When you run into something that is repetitive in its nature, over and over, I would just suggest that you get help and get it quickly.”

And the Winner of Our Hearing Aids Contest Is…

…Sara Clark! Congratulations on winning a set of premium hearing aids!

Scarlett fever damaged her hearing at two years of age. Even though Sara Clark, 46, has been wearing hearing aids for over 30 years, the brand quality has never been strong enough to compensate for her hearing loss. So when Clark heard about JHBI’s hearing aid contest on WOKV radio in June, she called in right away. And as winner of the contest, Clark received a set of premium hearing aids.

“I am very excited about the wireless technology with these,” she said. “I am a project manager in an environment that is varied in noise levels. Being able to hear important details about my projects is critical.”

Clark also received a free hearing aid consultation, which was offered to all contest participants.

“People need to hear to work and function in life,” she said. “It’s the little things one doesn’t hear that can become very big things.”