JHBI diagnoses and treats BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, a common inner ear problem and primary cause of vertigo, in Jacksonville, FL

Have you ever heard of BPPV? It means Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, a specific diagnosis of a very common inner ear problem and a primary cause of vertigo. It gives you a false sense of spinning. It may be caused by migraine, other inner ear problems, diabetes, osteoporosis, or lying in bed for a long time. Find out why you experienced a vertigo spell. Call Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute. J. Douglas Green, MD, and the PA and Audiology Team to diagnose and treat this symptom.

Let’s define BPPB:

  • Benign: this means non-life threatening
  • Paroxysmal: vertigo may come in short spurts
  • Positional: turn your head back and forth or side to side, it may trigger vertigo
  • Vertigo: feeling your head is spinning or the world around you is spinning out of control and possibly violently 

The reason for your vertigo may be that your ear crystals have moved from their original location. These little rock-like calcium carbonate crystals centered in your inner ear help with body motion and balance. If the crystals get stuck in the wrong place or roll out of their “pouch” area, your ear becomes unbalanced and false messages are sent to your brain making it think you’re spinning even though all you did was sit up, look up, bend over or reach above your head. You may experience nausea, disorientation, instability or a loss of balance. And, falling is dangerous!

Most importantly, vertigo does NOT affect your hearing or cause a fainting spell. Over time it can become less severe. Symptoms can be corrected by certain exercises to reposition the head by bedside – this exercise has a 80% success rate. This procedure usually guides the crystals back into the right position in the inner ear. 

So, find out why you have experienced a vertigo episode. Call for an appointment now at Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute.

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